About Us

Nobel Laureate Dr. Amartya Sen had rightly said that the best investment of any developing country is in the health and Education of children. Our beacon light Begum Rokeya also sacrificed her life for the education of children mainly girl children. We bow our head to this great people. We also note that good education not only depends on good school but also on a good teacher. UCE established to train up quality Teachers for the spread of primary education ultimately to spread education in the country to achieve the national goal of primary education for all by 2020.

Keeping in tune with the education policy of the Government, the college strives for a closer linkage between the college and the needs of School Education. The college organizes seminars, workshops etc. for the better upliftment of the students. In addition to these, the college also organizes workshops in which the experts interact with the faculty and students so as to make the students aware of the realities of school education and latest developments in the field of Pedagogic practices.

It is our goal to use this website as a communication tool to keep students, teachers, parents, and community members informed on the happenings at our  B.Ed. College, It is our intention that you find this site helpful and easy to navigate. There is some great information located within this site, so please surf around. Learning is all pervasive and also a self-active process Child’s learning starts from his mother’s womb and continues till the end.

Teacher is supposed to motivate the children to have on access to this vast knowledge by using latest techniques that will require skill as the part of the teacher. Skill of effective communication through latest techniques. So that student grasp the content follow the trend, understand the concept. This means to bring about inner change of the attitudes of teachers towards knowledge, teaching profession and the morality of teacher’s profession. Accordingly the training colleges have become the college of teacher education. This is graduate college of teacher education. We are qualifying High School teacher for the degree of B.Ed. All the facilities are provided to the pupil teacher. Our educationists said that if you educate a boy you educate an individual, if you educate a girl you educate the whole family, if you educate a teacher you educate the whole community. So, we are trying our level best to build the college as a centre of excellence in real sense. We earnestly invite constructive suggestions and active co-operations from all corners to make our mission a success. Thank you for visiting our website and I am confident that you will see many parts of the proud Uttaran B.Ed. College,Khana Jn,Bardhaman.